Opening Up Bishop Games!

So this is it, after months (if we’re honest years, if we’re really honest, a lifetime) of thinking, wondering, fearing, calculating and dreaming, we’ve made the decision to put our wallets where our dreams are. It’s the only choice that can be made really, what is life if you don’t attempt to make your vocation your passion? To make your job your love? To make your dreams a reality…


We are going to open our own Vintage and obscure board games store in London town and are hoping it will be the first of many. We’ve been in talks with various UK franchise consultants who seem to think that there is enough of a market at the moment, with the rise of ‘geek’ culture and the return to board games we are seeing across the (excuse the pun) board. People are interested! People want to play these games! And we want to be the ones to provide them. We want Bishops Games to spread across the land, we want all to have access to these amazing games. And they are amazing…


Amazing and bizarre. This is such an exciting time for us, the idea that we could be running a franchise, the idea that this franchise could be spread across the country! The idea that Bishop Games could become a staple of your high street. These are exciting ideas.


We are currently working on sourcing a whole world of games from all over this country, this continent and this earth. We are finding games you’ve never heard of, versions of famous games you never would have imagined, and things that are just, well, surprising…

wpid-img265 (1)

One thing I would like to mention before I go, is our brilliant liverpool architects (Architectural Emporium) who helped us realise our vision (however unrealistic at first) and create us our dream shop. We love everything they did for us and I will be sure to recommend them to anyone who needs such services.

Surprising. Oh so surprising. And we will keep surprising people, we will surprise people with how our shop will look, we will surprise people with how it runs, we will surprise people with how successful it will be. We will be full of surprises. Surprises and board games. In fact, mostly board games.