Games On Campus!

Think College students, and what do you think? Do you think of a bunch ignorant, arrogant, idiotic, stupid bloody fools who have no interest in anything of any more depth than a keg of beer! Do you picture a bunch of liberal idiots who have read a few weak essays and now think they understand the world? Well, whatever you picture, are they playing board games?


Well they should be? We’ve got in touch with Campus Solutions Inc who do outreach advertising to college students in the USA and can help us to tap into the market there, which would be great. I mean, every company needs to expand, every business has to expand, every industry has to expand, every board game world needs to dominate! And we, we here at Bishop Games, we need to  dominate the world of board games. That is what we are setting out to do.


We’re going to spread out over every college campus in the USA through the help of advertising and the powerful allure of board games. And it is a powerful allure. Who doesn’t want to escape into a completely unique world! Go onto your own completely unique mission! That would really be something.