Designing The Bishop Master Palace

We are getting going now, this is really coming together! We’re just trying to figure out what kind of a shop we want to be making here. What type of an environment do we want to put people in to experience to some absolutely amazing board games that they will never have heard of before? Well, we’ve thought a lot, we wondered about a sort of ‘old library’ kind of thing…


… board games anyone?

Because, you know, board games are old fashioned, libraries are old fashioned, so it’s a winner right? I’m not sure I was looking at some ‘man cave ideas’ about the use of Neon in peoples Man caves. So how about a beautiful futuristic Neon glowing board game shop…


Could be pretty beautiful, I like the idea of the juxtaposing the futuristic glow and vainglorious of what is too come and the potential of technology and modernity that is embodied by that neon glow with the referential pull of the past that is within the games that we sell. What does playing a board game in this day and age say? It says that maybe all the great advances we have made in recent decades have come with some losses too. That what we have partially gained in moving from an old past into this future is an element of communal living and social interaction that was born out the limitations of our previous lack of individualised entertainment. Now we have an over abundance of personalised entertainment, and it has left us often for too long alone. Which is really no good, one could argue. And I do argue.


Because it is worth it, these social interactions, they are worth it. It is just better if you keep an element of your life which exists only through¬†your own ability to imagine and animate these boards and little moving pieces with narratives and excitement. That’s what life is, it is us taking all this inanimate nothingness and turning it into life, into meaning, into something that can make you laugh and cry. If we lose that, if we just become these receivers, we will lose our humanity. That is why we need board games, now more than ever.