We are a group of friends with a shared enthusiasm for one of the oldest pastimes in all our past times: Board Games This is a space for those who are passionate (perhaps even a little obsessive!) about board games. We’re looking for news, views and reviews.


Board Games and Card Games and all these games have been being played for thousands of years, and no sudden development in computer technology is going to stop that. All around the world, every day, people sit round a table, or on the floor, or anywhere they can find, and play games. We want to document that experience.800px-Alfonso_LJ_97V

We want to document that experience because we know it is worth documenting, because we know that it matters. So please get in touch and keep reading. If you want to write your own piece for Bishop Games we’d love to see what you have to offer.

Thanks, and keep playing!

The Bishop Games Team