4 Board Games To Get Started

Happy New Year!

We’re nearly two weeks into 2018 and if you’re like any of us then your carefully planned resolutions will be lying in tatters on the floor.

Statistically speaking, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the start of February, so if you’re currently bemoaning the loss of the new you that could have been then don’t spend the rest of the month beating yourself up.

Instead, why not formulate another resolution that you might have a better chance of sticking through with?

We here at Bishop Games believe that everyone should play more board games.

They’re social, they’re fun and they’re affordable (at least they are if you buy them from us!) – so cast off your January blues this month and make 2018 a year of board games with one of these 4 fantastic starter board games:

Settlers of Catan

Now considered a ‘must-buy’ game for every family, Settlers as it’s formally known is a deceptively-complex strategy game that can be picked up by all ages. The game involves collecting resources based on dice-rolls, trading those resources and spending them on roads, settlements and cities in order to expand over the island of Catan. Sneaky deals and tactical building can make this one a real nail-biter.


Very much an RPG-lite experience, Munchkin is a game that is easy to pick up and is guaranteed to cause some gargantuan arguments between even the closest of friends. It’s a card based game required players to enter dungeons by drawing cards and facing off against monsters, they can ask for help from their competitors but this always comes at a cost…


A true hybrid of a board game, Carcassonne combines card drafting, tile-building and strategy elements to winning effect. Draw tiles and build the board, whilst placing your ‘meeples’ in settlements. Roads link together your settlements, but watch out, other players can poach your hard work at any time! Once everyone knows the rules the game can fly at a fast pace and all be over within half an hour!

Ticket to Ride

Unleash your inner rail tycoon and build vast networks across the world! Despite its charming appearance, this is a game of subterfuge and cunning. At the start of the game you’re given a number of destinations that you must reach with your rail line, keeping your plans secret is paramount to hiding your intentions from your opponents, but you also need to keep an eye on where they’re going too…

You can pick up these four classics right here and just ask us if you’d like to try them out first!